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Small Town Suite of Services

Why Us?

Chad Chancellor, our Founder/CEO, has become the foremost expert in the country on generating prospect activity and closing deals in small town America.

  • Chad has closed 25 economic development deals in small towns since 2008, including deals in towns with as few as 5,000 and 6,000 people.

Many people, agencies, and organizations “TALK” about small town economic development.  Chad “WALKS” it.  As a matter of fact some of the “TALK” he hears from certain agencies and organizations sort of rubs him the wrong way when they “TALK” about small town economic development having not taken a prospect to some small communities in years.

Chad Chancellor


What is Our Small Town Suite of Services?

Our Small Town Suite of Services is designed to bring all the best services each of our companies offers to small town America.  If you need help identifying potential industrial property, we can help.  If you need help building a database of prospects, we can help.  If you need help showing your small town has an adequate supply of labor, we can help.  All 5 of our companies can help you succeed in small towns, but our Small Town Suite of Services is designed to pull the best of all those companies together to help you with a strategy and to help you execute on the strategy to get prospects to consider your town.

Listed below are all our companies.  We will combine any of the offerings of all of them to create you a customized suite of services to help you generate prospects and create jobs in your small town:


Our Small Town Deals Since 2008:

Below are the deals Chad has been involved with in small towns since 2008, all 25 of them:Our Small Town Deals Since 2008

  • As a site selector:
    • Polymer Logistics to create 110 jobs in Dublin, Georgia (population 16,201)
    • Polymer Logistics to create 40 jobs in Portage, Indiana (36,828; note this is one of the smallest towns in Metro Chicago where the client needed to be)
    • Redguard to create 50 jobs in Hitchcock, Texas (population 6,961)
    • Hydro-Gear to expand by 40 jobs in Princeton, Kentucky (population 6,329)
    • iSpice Foods to create 125 jobs in Jackson, Alabama (population 5,228)
  • As an economic developer in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee for 2 years (population 10,428):Our Small Town Deals Since 2008
    • Bertolini 150 jobs seating manufacturer
    • Precision Laser 125 jobs laser metal cutting plant
    • Expansion projects with:
      • Modine Manufacturing- 200 new jobs
      • Assurance Metal Samping- 130 new jobs
      • Hughes Parker Fabrication- 30 new jobs
      • Graphic Packaging- 50 new jobs
  • As an economic developer in Paducah, Kentucky, for 4 years (population 24,978):
    • Whitehall Industries 150 jobs automotive supplier
    • TeleTech 450 jobs customer contact center
    • Genova Products 125 jobs plastic products
    • Southern Coal Handling 40 jobs coal terminal
    • Murray State University Branch Campus to serve 2,000 students/yearOur Small Town Deals Since 2008
    • Shoreline Steel 13 jobs steel sheet piling plant
    • The H Group 40 jobs healthcare facility
    • Expansion projects with:
      • Dippin’ Dots- 30 new jobs
      • VMV Locomotives- 25 new jobs
      • H.T. Hackney- 25 new jobs
      • H.B Fuller- 11 new jobs
      • Superior Care- 25 new jobs
      • Systems Solutions- 20 new jobs
      • Premier Fire- 20 new jobs


Why Such Passion?  Chad’s Story

Chad's FamilyI grew up in a town of 5,000 people.  My father was a forklift driver in a blanket factory in this little town, and when I was in about the 3rd grade the plant laid off over 500 people over night.  The plant hired a man nicknamed Chainsaw Al.  Al Dunlap was his real name.  Corporations hired him to help with strategy when they were losing money and he got the nickname of Chainsaw Al for all the plants he downsized.  Now I want you to understand I am not blaming Chainsaw Al, he had to do what he had to do, but I want you to know I think about Chainsaw Al every single day of my life.

So the story goes like this.  My dad gets laid off.  There are no other decent paying manufacturing jobs in my hometown, so my dad pursues construction work where he is hired.  From that day forward, I was raised in a single family home.  Not due to divorce, due to the lack of economic development.  My dad would leave every Sunday night for wherever his construction site was at that time and come home on Fridays.  Literally until after I graduated high school.

When I tell you I think about folks like my dad every day, I am very serious.  When I hear of communities spending tens of millions of dollars on jails, but balk when they need to give an industry $100,000 in incentives to come to town, my stomach turns.  I believe in small town America.  I believe in manufacturing.  I believe in workers like my dad.  And I believe in aggressively pursuing manufacturers no matter how few jobs they may bring, 10 jobs, 15 jobs, it doesn’t matter to me, I want to pursue them because I know the difference one manufacturing job can make to a family.

But what I have learned through the 25 deals I have been part of is this: you just don’t wake up one day and go recruit an industry.  Yes, you need to be recruiting every day and cannot afford to wait on your efforts.  But, there needs to be a clear, aggressive strategy put into place to lead to a successful road at small town economic development.  We do it all, from strategy to actually helping you prospect, we do it.  We live to do it.  Please give us the chance to do it for you, not for my sake, for folks like my father’s sake.

Our Suite of Services for Small Towns combines any and all the services our other 5 companies has to offer.  We encourage you to visit all our companies via www.thenextmovegroup.com to see what they all do, and we will customize a proposal to bring our team, our services, our strategies, and our deal closing experience to you.


What We Can Do For Your Small Town:

Here are a few things we can do for you, but again these are only a few of the things we can do, visit our corporate home to see everything we do and you tell us what you want and we will build you a customized proposal:

  • Economic Development Strategy Development
  • Prospecting/Lead Generation
  • Marketing Strategy to Buisness Owners and Consultants
  • Economic Development Website
  • Targeted Industry Study
  • Labor Study
  • Board Training
  • Real Estate Development and Marketing
  • Analysis of How You Compare to Your Likely Competitors
  • Incentives Strategy
  • Help Crafting Proposals
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Executive Searches
  • Branding
  • Videos
  • Anything else you can think of to help your small town succeed...

Learn More Today!

Contact us to learn more about Next Move Group's Small Town Suite of Services which combine offerings from all of our companies for qualified small towns.