Alex Metzger

Alex Metzger

St. Louis, Missouri

B.A. Communications,
University of Kentucky

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Alex Metzger comes from a family tree of successful entrepreneurs with his family having owned multiple meat packing plants from the 1950s-1990s. As big box retailers began offering more groceries, at lower prices, and lesser quality, the family made the decision to close the meat packing plants as they no longer were profitable enough to be worth the hassle. Today, Metzger has a passion for helping small to mid-sized companies & communities create economic growth because he saw firsthand how quickly markets can change and understands how leaders must constantly adapt to stay competitive.

Metzger is Co-Founder & President of Next Move Group, LLC.  Next Move Group offers 3 services to create economic growth for small to mid-sized companies, communities, and nonprofit organizations: site selection for small to mid-sized manufacturing companies, executive searches (for small to mid-sized economic development organizations, small to mid-sized communities, and small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations) and economic development products for small to mid-sized economic development organizations.

Metzger is responsible for the day-to-day management activities of the company as well as business development efforts in the Midwest and West Coasts.  Metzger is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.