Brandon Nettles

Chief Operating Officer
New Orleans, Louisiana

B.A. Economics, University of Southern
Master's Degree in Economic Development,
University of Southern Mississippi

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Brandon Nettles grew up in a small town in Mississippi which lacked many traditional employment opportunities.  Nettles father was the President of a community college thus giving Nettles an appreciation for the importance of economic growth and workforce development for small to mid-sized companies and communities which aligns perfectly with the mission of Next Move Group.  This upbringing attracted him to study economic development while at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Nettles directs all the technical aspects of each service Next Move Group offers: site selection, executive searches, and economic development products.

Nettles holds both a Bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master’s degree in economic development from the University of Southern Mississippi having graduated both with a 4.0 GPA.