Brittany McCoy

Vice President
New Orleans, Louisiana

B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Southern Mississippi
Master's in Economic Development, University of Southern Mississippi

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Brittany McCoy started her journey in the field of hospitality and tourism, following a love for people and for working with the public. Through her undergraduate years while attending the Business School at Southern Miss, she learned the importance of having strong mentors as well as a firm understanding of business and industry, as this insight played a significant role in her professional development. Noticing a trend in the lack of developmental direction and opportunity in smaller communities, McCoy began looking for a more impactful way to reach those residents and to be able to teach them the importance of professional, consistent growth and an understanding of the business world. This led her to pursue her master's degree in economic development at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Since graduation, McCoy has spent her time in the field with the state of Mississippi's leading economic development agency, The Mississippi Development Authority, as well as with the City of Jackson's Department of Planning and Development.