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Risk Free Virtual Spec Building
Risk Free Virtual Spec Building

We have developed a risk free virtual spec building in which you can choose 3 different sq. ft. options totally customizable to your desires. We place our virtual spec buildings on certified sites and they can be customized for the types of targeted industries you seek to recruit. They can be aerospace hangars, food grade buildings, heavy industrial, light industrial, distribution centers, etc. Additionally, we place a “Caller ID Web Hit Tracker” on each virtual building so you get to see the companies hitting your building and which options they click!

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Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

We send 60 emails per week for our clients to executives of companies in sectors our clients are targeting. We have software which gives our clients analytics on the executives which open and click the emails, so our clients can reach out to them to generate prospects for their communities or organizations.


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Web Content Development
Web Content Development: Past Clients
Web Content Development

We have 2 web content options for you:

  • We add data, imagery, and videos to your current website which market your area in a favorable light. This way you get the benefits of a new website at a fraction of the cost, you simply keep your old website and improve the contents of it via our economic development marketing expertise.
  • We build you a brand-new website.


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Targeted Industry Study with Caller ID Webpages
Targeted Industry Study with Caller ID Webpages

We use the following formula to help you determine which targeted industries you can most likely attract to your community:

Step 1: Initial screening criteria (4 digit NAICS level)
  • Three or establishments in the region
  • Region industry employment greater than 200 (smaller number in small regions)
  • Industry employment increased in the last 5 yrs
  • Location Quotient exceeds 1.00
  • Shift share regional competitiveness (last 5 yrs) positive
  • Base sector firms

Step 2:  Value Chain
  • Select the top industries from Step 1 with the most in-region purchases within a one-hour drive time region

Step 3:  Ranking Industries
  • US industry employment growth
  • Average production wages
  • Income multipliers

Once we work with you to determine what your targeted industry sectors should be, we then go a step further than any other consulting firm. Not only do we deliver the study to you in a file, we write content for your website with all the data possible to show why your area is attractive to those type companies.


Targeted Industry Study with Caller ID Webpages Click the slide deck above to see powerpoint presentation on our targeted industry webpages

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Strategic Planning
Strategic Plan
Strategic Planning

Most clients tell us their favorite part of the process is the rapid fire, sticky note session we do to get everyone’s ideas up on a wall for brainstorming and research! While most consultants deliver a boring strategic plan that sits on a shelf, we deliver an action plan with specific examples from news articles concerning other communities who have taken a similar action showing that if you take this action you will likely achieve this result motivating the entire community to start taking action!


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Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy A website on its own is no good without a strategy to get eyeballs on it and a strategy to know who is looking at it.

By now if you have browsed our website and all these products you have probably figured out we are pretty good at marketing! We can visit your community and work to build you a comprehensive strategy to use multiple products to truly create an entire marketing strategy which will help you create prospects. Our marketing strategies incorporate social media strategies, website strategies, inbound prospect attraction strategies, outbound prospect attraction strategies, podcast strategies, whitepaper strategies, event strategies, etc. to get your community’s or organization’s name in front of companies you want to attract.


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Speaking/Board Training
Speaking/Board Training
Speaking and Board Training

We are routinely asked to speak at board trainings, annual dinners, university classes, economic development conferences, etc. about a variety of topics pertaining to creating economic growth for small to mid-sized companies, communities, and organizations. Not to brag, but we usually get high marks for our presentations!


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Workforce Advantage Analysis
Workforce Advantage Analysis

Are you tired of only hearing bad things about your workforce? Let us analyze the strengths of your workforce. And once we have done that, let us build you content to add to your website which outlines all the good parts of your workforce. If we find negative issues along the way, we will alert you to them, but we won’t put them in a report for your competitors to read and use against you. Additionally, static workforce reports have a quick shelf life, to address this we update our product every year, so you never have to worry about your workforce analysis getting old and stale.


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Organizational Development
Organizational Development / Fundraising
Organizational Development / Fundraising Example of one step from one of our recent strategies. We believe in identifying specific costs to take specific actions so the community can see if we spend this, we likely get that.

Many community leaders have asked us to either help them refocus an organization to take it to a higher level, develop a new organization from scratch, or raise money for an organization. No matter which of these 3 things we are helping them do, we believe being successful with them all revolves around one thing: leveraging or creating a set of goals the community as a whole has “buy in” to accomplish. Once we understand the goals the community wants to accomplish, we then detail multiple strategies to accomplish those goals with projected costs for each option and projected return on investment for each strategy. This way we aren’t just telling an organization or community what to do, we are supplying them multiple options to choose from of best practices, so they build the plan with which they are most comfortable. Once the strategy is built, we can help you raise the money to fund each action item because there will be “buy in” from the community at large.


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Lead Generation
Lead Generation
Lead Generation Our partner can set meetings for you with companies considering your region for a new facility at tradeshows, in corporate headquarters, or via phone/web.

Via our partner Research Consultants International’s Lead Generation & Appointment Setting services aim to put you in front of executive decision makers of growing companies that are considering or planning to expand their operations in your region. Because we are the premier site selection firm in America for small to mid-sized companies, we add value by helping you brainstorm what to put in your marketing materials before you meet such companies to enhance your success rate in turning each meeting into a prospect that visits your community. Mention Next Move Group to Research Consultants International and get 5% off your next lead generation project.


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Online Advertising to People After they Leave Your Website & Geofence Marketing
Online Advertising to People After they Leave Your Website & Geofence Marketing
Online Advertising to People After they Leave Your Website & Geofence Marketing Advertisements we can run so those people who hit your website or are in a targeted geography see your message as they browse popular weather or news websites.

We can deliver online advertisements for your community or organization to every person who visits your website for up to 7 days after they leave. These ads will be delivered when they browse popular news and weather websites!

Additionally, we can deliver ads to people in any geographic square meter in America both in real time, or after they leave that square meter, which they will see as they browse popular social media websites keeping your community or organization front and center in their minds!


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LOIS Buildings/Sites
LOIS Buildings/Sites
Online Advertising to People After they Leave Your Website & Geofence Marketing

As site selectors, nothing frustrates us more than trying to navigate a buildings and sites database that is cumbersome to use, slow, or doesn’t work easily on an ipad or iphone. When we saw the LOIS update recently we reached out to them and asked if we could endorse LOIS as the best buildings/sites database on the market. It works just as well on our ipad as it does on a computer, meets all our needs, and is fast. Simply put, it’s the best buildings and sites database we have found.


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Site Certification
Site Certification
Site Certification

John Sisson, our Executive Managing Director of Site Selection, has developed, sold, and implemented certified site programs in New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Sisson is a member of the Site Selectors Guild and has experience working for Ford, Fluor, and Global Location Strategies prior to joining Next Move Group.


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Servicing Small to Mid-Sized Communities and Economic Development Organizations Across America

Why is Next Move Group So Driven

To Help Small to Mid-Sized Communities and Organizations Create Economic Growth?

Our founder's childhood was negatively affected in such a community when a Fortune 100 company closed a 500-job plant in his hometown to move offshore when he was 9-years old. This closure cost our founder's father his job as well as many other members of his family. These painful memories have left him determined to create economic growth for small and mid-sized communities

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Small to mid-sized communities have a 97% greater chance of landing a small to mid-sized company than a Fortune 100 company

Don't take your advice from consultants who brag about how they help Fortune 100 companies make decisions. Put our relationship building products in place to attract those small to mid-sized companies which give you the greatest chance to win.


Next Move Group is Respected at the Highest Levels of Both Government and the Private Sector

Next Move Group's consultants are respected at high levels of government as is demonstrated in these few pictures.

Because We Also Do Site Selection Work for Small to Mid-Sized Companies, No Consulting Firm in America Can Match Our Expertise for the Strategies & Products It Takes to Appeal to Those Companies Which Are More Relationship Focused than Spreadsheet Focused

Recent Next Move Group Site Selection Client Announcements

Next Move Group negotiates infrastructure improvements for Fibrebond's 700 jobs in Louisiana. Click here to read the news release.

Image Industries to place 50 job manufacturing facility in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Click here to read the news release.

Sterling Packaging to place 55 job manufacturing facility in Monroeville, Alabama. Click here to read the news release.

Polymer Logistics to place 110 job distribution facility in Dublin, Georgia. Click here to read the news release.

Polymer Logistics to place 40 job distribution facility in Portage, Indiana. Click here to read the news release.

Hydro-Gear to expand Princeton, Kentucky, facility and add 40 jobs. Click here to read the news release.

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