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Our Proprietary Process

Step 3 of 15 Steps:
Step 3 of 15
Musts and Wants Modeling

We work with the members of your team to build a tool which details your “Musts and Wants” in a location. The list is thorough and includes everything from the labor you must have to the incentives you want to receive.

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Step 8 of 15
Step 8 of 15
We Bring Communities to Propose To You In Our Office or Yours Rather Than You Having to Go to Them

Don’t kill yourself traveling to dozens of locations to see which ones might make the best fit, sit back and relax as we bring pro-business communities to you to propose on your project rather than you having to go to them.


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Step 10 of 15 Steps
Preview Candidates via our Video Interviews from your recliner.
Labor Analysis

We run a detailed labor analysis to show the current supply of labor in each finalist location, competitors for labor in each finalist location, and wage/benefits levels we predict you will have to pay to attract labor in each finalist location.


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Step 12 of 15 Steps
Cutting Costs
Operating Cost Pro Formas

We build detailed operating cost pro formas for each finalist location with NPV values projected out as far as you desire, so you can truly see where the best deal is located. This apples to apples comparison will help you choose the lowest operating cost option for you after accounting for all costs and incentives.


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Our Executive Team

John Sisson
John Sisson
John Sisson

Managing Director of Site Selection
Greenville, South Carolina

Sampling of Companies with Which Sisson Has Completed Projects

Role: The Manager

John has completed hundreds of successful site selection assignments with a total investment value exceeding $32 billion with incentives exceeding $2 billion for his clients. The variety of projects range from an investment of $10 billion for an oil refinery in China to the rental of ten square feet in office buildings for AT&T telephone equipment in 20 cities across the US.

John was employed for 20 years in Finance at Ford Motor Company and Mallinckrodt Chemical Company where he was controller of large manufacturing plants and the medical products group at Mallinckrodt. He began his site selection and real estate career in California in 1986 with Location Management Services, moving companies such as Sargent Controls, Wiser Lock, Sloan, and Heinz Per Products out of California to lower cost locations. John moved to Chicago in 1992 where he continued site selection with Polina Corporate Real Estate and was president of the Chicago Chapter of NACORE. He was responsible for siting assistance to AMMACO on several shared service projects across the US. In 1995, John joined the Fluor Global Location Strategies team in Greenville, SC, working on large and small investment projects in Europe, the US, and Africa. John and his partner eventually were selected by Fluor to operate an outsourced Global location Strategies as an alliance partner with Fluor. John joined Next Move Group in 2016.

Alex Metzger
Alex Metzger

Saint Louis, Missouri
(314) 421-9110

Role: Pitches First 8 Innings

As Co-Founder of Next Move Group, Metzger's role in our site selection projects is to coordinate up to 20 communities presenting their value proposition for your business to you via in-person meetings in our office or yours. Additionally, Metzger coordinates all aspects of site visits of finalist communities. Think of him as the pitcher who pitches innings 1-8 of a baseball game.

Metzger comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs having had multiple family members own restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing plants. In addition to simplifying the government/economic development jargon of how incentives work, Metzger also details risks he foresees in each locations for our clients throughout the process.

Chad Chancellor
Chad Chancellor

New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 648-7716

Role: Pitches 9th Inning

As Co-Founder of Next Move Group, Chancellor's role in our site selection projects is that of the deal closer. Think of him as the closer that pitches the 9th inning of a baseball game.

Prior to Co-Founding Next Move Group, Chad served as an economic developer for communities in four states learning the incentives process from the government side of the table. He uses this experience to negotiate the final aspects of your deal with up to 5-finalist communities to ensure the incentives you are offered can truly be maximized in lowering your startup and ongoing overhead costs.

Brandon Nettles
Brandon Nettles

Chief Operating Officer
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 299-3464

Role: The Data Analyzer

Nettles' role in our site selection projects is to build "Must/Wants" modeling for your project, build a customized RFP to send to various locations, build a scoring metrics based on your "Must/Wants," score locations based on your "Must/Wants," and build operating cost pro-formas on your final locations.

Nettles has a Masters Degree in Economic Development from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Southern Mississippi having graduated both academic programs with a 4.0 GPA.

Gabby Moulis
Gabby Moulis

Cheif Marketing Officer
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 388-6777

Role: The Communicator

Moulis' role in our site selection projects is to put together a communication plan which protects the confidentiality of our client while also communicating enough information to communities, utilities, transportation providers, states to get incentives offers from them.

Moulis has a Bachelor of Mass Communication in public relations and minor in business administration from LSU in Baton Rouge.

Recent Next Move Group Site Selection Client Announcements

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Types of Incentives

We Have Negotiated

  • Free or Discounted Real Estate & Free or Discounted Rent for Multiple Years
  • Cash Grants for Equipment
  • Equipment Financed at Better Terms Than a Bank
  • Payroll Grants
  • Cash to Train Employees
  • State Corporate Tax Credits
  • Real Property Tax Abatements
  • Sales/Use Tax Rebates
  • Tax Increment Financing (Cash Infusion into Project Upfront in Exchange for the Increase in Property Taxes Your Project Will Cause)
  • Personal Property Tax Abatements
  • Temporary Office Space
  • Discounted Utility Rates
  • Site Preparation Cash
  • Cash to Move Equipment
  • Employee Relocation Assistance
  • Forgivable and Low Interest Loans
  • Fast Track Permitting
  • And More...

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